course.alt.type_seminar  Teaching in a culturally diverse environment: Developing tools and competences for the classroom and beyond

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Teaching in a culturally diverses environment poses particular challenges, as both students and instructors must navigate different cultural codes and assumptions, ideas about teaching and learning, and potentially different languages. In this workshop, participants will reflect on their own intercultural experiences to identify the competences they need to teach in an intercultural classroom. By working through examples from their own teaching practice, participants will begin to develop a tailored set of tools to create an enabling environment and help them act with more ease in intercultural situations.
Over the course of this workshop, participants will:
  • develop a better understanding of the concept of interculturality.
  • learn how to take advantage of cultural shock to build cultural competence.
  • share experiences and develop tools based on real-life teaching situations.
  • begin building a strategy for their next courses.
Fr, 12.04.2024
1.00 Days (8 AE)