course.alt.type_seminar  Fit for teaching - Basics of Teaching and Learning at University Level

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This four-day course (2 x 2 days) covers the basics of professional university teaching. The participants will improve their methodological knowledge about the teaching-learning interaction and how that setting might be effectively influenced. The objective is to reach a level of learner-centred teaching that will lead to a deep-level learning approach with the students.
Participants will be required to reflect on their own teaching experiences and their role as university teachers.
The content we offer:
  • Principles and aspects of teaching and learning
  • Learner-centred teaching and Constructive Alignment
  • Teaching methods fostering deep-level learning
  • Challenges and diversity in teaching
  • Assessment
  • Feedback and Evaluation
The methods we use:
  • Short inputs
  • Group work
  • Discussions
  • Reflection of own teaching experiences
The course is part of module “Teaching and Learning I” of the Baden-Württemberg certificate in Higher Education and Staff Development. For those, who are interested in completing the whole module I, participants will additionally have to take part in the following:
  • Group consultations on specific teaching issues or questions
  • Planning seminar/lecture designs and classroom observation
  • Written self-evaluation report on the individual learning process
Thursday & Friday, 14./15.03.2024 & 04./05.07.2024, online
4,00 Tage (32 AE)