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The notion of an international classroom was established “to offer all students, […] an internationalized learning experience allowing them to develop the associated global graduate attributes” (LAURIDSEN & GREGERSEN-HERMANS, 2019). Considering this premise and the growing numbers of international students at German universities, it is worth reflecting:
  • How can I turn my classroom into a thriving atmosphere for a culturally diverse group of students?
  • How can I promote the development of my students’ intercultural awareness and competences?
In this workshop we will discuss key concepts of multicultural education and deduct opportunities and challenges for international/home students and lecturers. We will explore teaching techniques for the international classroom and strategies to internationalize your course designs. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss challenging situations from their courses.
Participants are expected to work on a preparatory task and engage with a self-study unit (1,5 h total).
At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to…
  • understand approaches to teaching and learning from different cultural perspectives.
  • adapt teaching to promote participation and collaboration in a culturally diverse setting.
  • redesign a course in hindsight to its international components.
Fr, 15.03. & 22.03.2024, jeweils 9 – 13 Uhr
1,25 Tage (10 AE)