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Out of the ivory tower and into society – communicating about science with the public becomes an increasingly important topic for scientists of all disciplines. Whether we communicate in a way that is accessible to a broad public (e.g., social media, press releases), or in a more personal fashion (e.g., discussing science in our private life), scientists but also University graduates can help to make science visible. Currently, science communication (SC) is incorporated into University curricula only rarely, but teaching SC may have far-reaching impact, as both the next generation of researchers and future applied graduates can make use of these skills to become messengers of science.
This course will cover the basics of SC and provide participants with a didactic basis for teaching science communication. We will have practical exercises that provide opportunities to (further) develop participants’ SC skills and exercises for incorporating SC into teaching at Bachelor’s and Master’s level. A variety of SC media will be addressed, including oral and written communication and, in collaboration with Prof. Cord Arendes (Public History), museum exhibitions. Depending on attendee’s prior experiences and major interests, personal foci can be placed more on SC or didactics of teaching SC.
Learning objectives:
After this course you will be able to
  • communicate science in ways that are tailored to your target group(s).
  • incorporate science communication exercises into your existing courses.
  • mentor students’ science communication projects.
Teaching Learning Activities:
e.g. technical requirements or previous knowledge: Prior experience in communicating science to people outside your scientific field (e.g., in private life) is commendable.
  • Kick Off: Monday September 23rd 2024 09:00 AM -01:00 PM
  • Kick-Out Monday October 7th 2024 09:00 -11:00 AM
2,00 Tage (16 AE)