course.alt.type_seminar  Lecture like a Rockstar - Practical performance training for teaching in English

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Teaching in English and would love to feel more confident?
As we know, teaching and lecturing is largely interacting with your audience. Often we hear that as a lecturer we should ‘take the stage', grab and hold the attention of our students; establish a rapport with them.
Lecturing in English, if it’s not your mother tongue, makes it even more difficult to concentrate on everything at once: What facts do I want to deliver? Is my language, grammar and pronunciation correct (enough)? And then how do I move in the room? What do I actually do to hold their attention? Those questions may feel overwhelming and you might end up feeling a lot less confident than when you’re teaching German classes.
This is where channelling your Inner Rock Star can help!
In this workshop we will be experimenting, in English, with various performance techniques (many adapted from professional stage performers) for engaging your audience by using your voice and body language more effectively and dynamically; we will also look at ways of overcoming typical English articulation and pronunciation challenges for non-native speakers.
Most importantly, we will discover methods to help you deal with ‘performance stress’; to help you feel, appear, and sound more confident and relaxed whilst lecturing.
Learning objectives:
After this course you will be able to …
  • 'use the stage' when lecturing, supporting your message with confident, energised and effective body language.
  • engage and build a rapport with your audience.
  • understand how your voice functions, and use it to speak more dynamically.
  • identify typical challenges you face with English pronunciation and articulation.
  • apply vocal and physical exercises to overcome them.
Teaching Learning Activities:
Participants should be prepared for active practical work, and to experiment with your voice in a fun environment.
(You may also bring a Rock Star outfit if you wish, but it probably won’t be used....)
1.00 Days (8 AE)