course.alt.type_seminar  Fit for Teaching - Basics of Teaching and Learning at University Level

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Teaching is not an easy job; especially when you are new in teaching. Several questions like how to design courses and which teaching methods support students learning processes will come to your mind because you want to do a good job.
During this four day course (2 x 2 days) you will get to know instruments which may help to master your first teaching experience. These instruments can be adapted for your own teaching purposes.
You will learn how to design university courses taking into account the conditions of learning and the intended competences. You will be introduced to teaching strategies and teaching methods which you can use in order to motivate and activate your students. In addition you will also have the possibility to reflect upon your role as a University teacher and we will reflect on successful communication and interaction within University courses.
As a precondition of this course, you should have in mind a certain course you want to give or you want to improve. It will be helpful to bring with you the lesson plan you have worked out. If you have no teaching experience up to now, ask your colleagues in order to get some ideas about a certain course, exercise or lesson you might teach in the near future. In general, you will have a lot of opportunities in order to use cooperative methods.
The main objective of this four day course is that you are able to teach in a learner-centered manner. This course is addressed to persons who teach for the first times in University contexts. Attending this course you will gain more certainty in teaching and you will be able to design your courses more quickly and effectively.
  • Mo/Di, 04./05.03. + Mo/Di, 22./23.04.2024
  • ganztägig, von 09:00-17:00 Uhr
4.00 Days (32 AE)