course.alt.type_seminar  Service-Learning at an International Level (asynchroner Start am 11.11.2024)

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Is your teaching already practice-oriented? Does it connect scientific knowledge with societal needs, and would you like to further strengthen the transfer into practice? Are you interested in adding an international dimension to it as well? Then, our workshop is for you! Service-Learning deliberately combines academic learning and civic engagement. In projects with community partners, students are guided to jointly deal with socially relevant challenges.
The online workshop includes synchronous and asynchronous elements and aims at training lecturers who wish to integrate this form of challenge-based learning into their teaching method. More specifically, it focuses on special aspects of the Service-Learning methodology, the needs for its successful implementation and the inclusion of international dimensions to the project.
Service-Learning scenarios will be developed in the workshop. Therefore, please feel free to bring along your disciplinary or interdisciplinary project ideas!
Learning Objectives
Participants will be able to
  • recognize objectives and benefits of Service-Learning.
  • plan their own Service-Learning project.
  • know the steps of implementation.
  • identify obstacles and provide alternatives.
  • cooperate successfully with community partners.
  • know of different internationalization dimensions.
Participants design a scenario for their own Service-Learning project including the following aspects:
  • characteristics and objectives of Service-Learning (introductory literature will be provided prior to the workshop)
  • connecting Service-Learning to the discipline’s contents and learning objectives
  • methods/tools
This workshop will take place online.
  • asynchronous part: 11.11.-14.11.2024 (available in ILIAS)
  • synchronous part: Fr, 15.11.2024, 14:00-18:00
1.00 Days (8 AE)