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Effective communication is a key skill in academia but presenting at an international conference, or
even in front of a small group of colleagues can sometimes be daunting. It can feel especially
challenging if English is not your native language. This lively and interactive workshop will help
you build on your strengths as a presenter and develop the tools and techniques that will improve
your confidence, your delivery and make your talk more engaging and memorable. As well as
working on your delivery, you’ll discover how to structure a talk for maximum impact, learn how to
handle nerves, and practice techniques for handling the question and answer session.
Importantly, everyone will have the opportunity to give a short talk and receive coaching and
constructive feedback.
  • What makes a successful conference presentation?
  • Structure and language of an English presentation
  • Structuring your presentation for maximum impact (getting and retaining audience attention)
  • Considerations when presenting to an international audience
  • Voice and pronunciation considerations
  • Rhetorical devices to keep your audience engaged
  • Non-verbal communication and how to project credibility and confidence
  • Understanding and controlling nerves
  • Handling the question and answer session
  • Rehearsing and self-editing tips
  • Design tips for visuals and slides
  • Video based feedback
  • Pair & small group work
  • General Discussion
  • Individual feedback/coaching (including video).
Virtuelle Präsenz: 19.11/20.11.2024
2,00 Tage (16 AE)