course.alt.type_seminar  Teaching and lecturing to an International Audience

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This two-day workshop equips participants for the challenge of teaching in English to students from both Germany and across the globe. Participants learn to navigate the intercultural aspects of teaching and learning, including the use of appropriate and inclusive language. They also gain insight into students’ diverse perspectives and discover effective strategies to generate student engagement. Putting theory into practice, the two days culminate in a teaching practice session, after which participants receive in-depth feedback from their instructor and colleagues.
  • Preparing to speak: breath, posture and voice
  • Understanding cultural differences in teaching and learning situations in English
  • Increasing awareness of ones’ own and other cultural contexts of learning
  • Exploring the characteristics of a great teacher
  • Internationalising curricula
  • Integrating others’ perspectives
  • Avoiding misinterpretations
  • Developing a repertoire of planning possibilities for teaching and learning in English
Virtuelle Präsenz: 04./05.06.2024, 9–17 Uhr
2.00 Days (16 AE)