Reguläres Training; Präsenz-, Klassenraumtraining, Seminar, Workshop  International Service Learning. Combining teaching with student civic engagement in practice-oriented seminars

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Service Learning deliberately combines academic learning and social engagement. In practice-oriented seminars with non-profit partners, students are guided to jointly deal with socially relevant problems.
Is your teaching already practice-oriented? Is your method of teaching connecting the use of scientific knowledge to society or would you like to strengthen this relation?
The one-day workshop aims at training lecturers, who wish to integrate this form of practice orientation into their seminars. More specifically, it focuses on special aspects of the Service Learning format and the needs for its successful implementation. Suitable Service Learning scenarios will be developed in the workshop. Seminar ideas on focus areas such as Health, Climate, Environment and Energy, Society, Cultures and Cultural Heritage, Digital and Technical Change, Cities, Areas and Transport are welcomed. Additionally, scenarios for integrating exchange students in the seminars would be discussed.
Participants design a scenario for their own Service Learning seminar including the following aspects:
  • Characteristics and objectives of Service Learning (introductory literature will be provided prior to the workshop)
  • Connecting Service Learning to the subject’s contents and learning objectives
  • Methods/Tools
  • Reflection
  • Assessment
Learning Objectives:
At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Recognize objectives and benefits of Service Learning
  • Plan their own Service Learning seminar
  • Know the steps of implementation
  • Identify obstacles and provide alternatives
  • Cooperate successfully with non-profit partners
  • Situate assessment options
1,00 Tage (8 AE)