Reguläres Training; Präsenz-, Klassenraumtraining, Seminar, Workshop  Supervising the Doctorate

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Supervising doctoral students is one of the most rewarding things that anyone in university education can do. Guiding new scholars to become independent researchers, who conduct a project, write up the results, present them at the viva, is a satisfying experience. However – often supervisors state observations such as “my PhD student is a diligent worker – only he/she hasn’t got a clue as to what the data he/she came up with actually mean” – or “my PhD student is really bright, but he/she does not want to stay in science so he/she does not really put all possible effort into his/her project”.
Many of the possible problems between supervisor and PhD student stem from diverging expectations or assumptions about each other that have never been raised.
In order to prevent possible problems we will be looking at the “ideal cycle” (selecting the doctoral student, getting him/her started, designing and planning a project, keeping up the students motivation, supervising the writing of the thesis and preparing him/her to present the data). We will also be looking at remedial measures when problems have occurred by discussing cases you bring along from your own experiences.
The aim of this online workshop is to maximize the chances of your students being successful and foreshadow problems that might arise.
Learning objectives:
After this course you will be able to…
  • define your role as supervisor in regards to your leadership style and your responsibilities.
  • define the core competencies (soft skills) needed in a doctoral student in order to successfully do a PhD with you.
  • optimize your ideal supervision-cycle, starting with the recruitment interview.
  • describe a framework of communication for regular performance evaluation with your students.
  • apply some ideas about trouble shooting.
Teaching Learning Activities:
  • online/blended/eLearning
  • theoretical input
  • group work
  • Completion of module I would be nice, but is no „must“.
  • You should have doctoral (or MA students) to supervise
Technical requirements:
  • We use Microsoft Teams as a platform for the whole course. Please make sure that you have registered with Microsoft. We will need your mail-ID that you use for this in order to guarantee your access to the platform and the course.
2,00 Tage (16 AE)