Reguläres Training; Präsenz-, Klassenraumtraining, Seminar, Workshop  Fit for Teaching - Basiccs of Teaching and Learning at University Level 1+2

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This four day course (2 x 2 days) covers the basics of professional University teaching. The participants will improve their methodological knowledge about the teaching - learning interaction and how that setting might be influenced effectively. The objective is to reach a level of learner centred teaching, that will lead to a deep-level learning approach on the side of the students.
Participants will be required to reflect on their own teaching experiences and their role as university teachers.
The content we offer:
  • Enhancing sustainable teaching
  • Introducing teaching methods for deep-level learning
  • Reflection of leadership principles
  • Leading a group and dealing with group dynamics
  • Learner centred planning: the principle of constructive alignment
The methods we use:
  • Short inputs from the trainer
  • Group discussions
  • Reflection of own teaching experiences
  • Micro-teaching with feedback from the group and the trainer (incl. video feedback if wanted)
The course is part of module "Teaching and Learning I" of the Baden-Württemberg certificate in Higher Education and Staff Development. For those, who are interested in completing the whole module I, participants will additionally have to partake in the following (dates will be agreed upon in the course):
  • Group consultations on specific teaching issues or questions
  • Planning Seminar/lecture designs and classroom observation
  • Written self-evaluation report on the individual learning process
  • Teil 1: Di/Mi, 13./14. April 2021
  • Teil 2: Mi/Do, 27./28. Oktober 2021
  • jeweils 9-17 Uhr, vorzugsweise in Präsenz, situationsabhängig auch als Online-Konzept
4,00 Tage (32 AE)