Reguläres Training; Präsenz-, Klassenraumtraining, Seminar, Workshop  Teaching Academic English- Tips and Tools for Building Confidence

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The intricacies of technical and academic English are a challenge to master, even for native speakers. This workshop will familiarize participants with common mistakes in this specialized language, especially ones made by native German speakers.
Participants will learn about a variety of useful online tools and examine problem areas associated with register, word choice, capitalization, writing styles, punctuation, tense forms, and differences between British and American English. The workshop offers a hands-on experience through a number of written and spoken exercises and examples taken from a variety of fields.
Although geared towards a C1-C2 level, participants with a strong B2 level will also benefit from this workshop.
Session I: Fr., 25.06.21 9:00 -11:30 Uhr
dazwischen Selbstlernphase bestehend aus einem kurzen Ausatz (mit 30 Minuten angesetzt)
Session II: Fr., 02.07.21 9:00 - 11:30 Uhr
Selbstlernphase zweite Fassung des Aufsatzes (mit 30 Minuten angesetzt)
1,00 Tage (8 AE)